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//about the studio

My studio is dedicated to bringing out the best in everyone. Whether the aim is to improve co-ordination, gain confidence and grace, to learn the joy of movement or to train for a career in dance. Everyone is important.  The studio will provide opportunities for children and adults of all ages to experience the thrill of performance, the satisfaction of setting goals and achieving them and to learn the personal disciplines that are inherent in dance.  I pride myself in recognizing each members' individual strengths and will guide you to your full potential as a dancer with positive encouragement.

My lessons culminate in regular performances, which are professionally produced with high-quality sound, lighting, age-appropriate costumes, music and choreography.  The studio is fully equipped with sprung dance floors, full-length mirrors,  ballet barres and viewing areas so that parents can observe classes without disrupting learning.  I am passionate about dance and conform to the exacting standards of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance.  My classes are suitable for those wishing to attend once a week, those who are dance mad or those who just can't stay away!

Come and join us and experience all I have to offer.  I look forward to welcoming you to my school and the wonderful world of Dance!

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